Reality Really: Furry Highlights (And no, this is not hair product)

Here at AnthropicPress the world often forces us to make news ourselves. But every so often, it does our job for us. We hope you enjoy today’s edition of “Reality Really!?!”

AnthroCon, ( ) is a Furry Forum and “Anthropomorphics” community that specializes as a Furry social space. As described by UncleKage (Dr. Samuel Conway) the primary focus of the community is the annual Anthrocon convention. But lets no focus on the bark-ticulars here, the forum posts are quite interesting.

Forum Posts:

Upset (while still attending) last years “Anthrocon”, user Shayd wrote:

“Okay first of all it’s only 2nd day into the convention and I feel like i’ve seen enough, too much. I would describe this convention in just one sentence:

If you don’t have full fursuit or are a dealer/famous artist you are NOT welcome here!

And this you cannot tell me is incorrect. It’s just few thousand people walking around aimless. The panels are boring and your balroom is full of people who stand against the wall just as dissapointed as I am. The whole “Furries are friendly” is a massive propaganda as there are only several people who are either famous for their art or have a suit and they camp away from everyone ready to reject anyone who dares to talk to them. There are multiple areas where only people with suits are allowed in, so what’s my supersponsor membership for?”

Shayd went on to explicitly deride the convention’s lamentable state of management. Most interesting, however, is a response to the part of his post regarding “fursuits”

Staff member Protocollie wrote:

“Non suiters aren’t allowed because it is supposed to be a safe space for you to take your head off if you are in costume.”

Take your head off?!? What are these people!?!

Well Shayd, I think you should’ve taken Ron Bauerle’s advice:

“At least give Kage’s story hour, the fursuit parade, and the Masquerade later today a chance, and maybe the auctions tomorrow.”

AnthropicPress would like to reaffirm: This is real.




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