Habilis Want Ask: If Coral Reef No Grow in Muddy Water, How Reef Survive Noah’s Flood?

Cant say this site is not original

Habilis Want Say


Hello, dis Habilis here. Habilis have very big problems he wants to tell. Some people think earth not old. Think that earth created 10,000 year ago, that big flood come kill whole earth. Think that after, earth regrows. Habilis have big problem with this. Here is one: Coral Reefs. Coral reef grows in ocean, grows in shallow water. Needs sun. Needs clean water. Very delicate. Is made of living coral. Has beautiful fish. Nemo lives here. But reef also delicate. Needs clean water, good temperature. So how reef survive if big flood come destroy whole world in 1 year? Here is what famous young earth man say about flood:

As the ocean waters flooded over the continents, they must have buried plants and animals in rapid succession. These rapidly deposited sediment layers were spread across vast areas, preserving fossils of sea creatures in layers that are high above the current…

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